Support notes
Technical support and discussions are available at the online discussion board. Technical support is also provided by email. Initial consultation on a bug or problem is free and not charged to the client. Technical support and engineer time where there is a verified bug within ReplicaNet or associated libraries or tools that need to be fixed for the client is also free.

To fix or trouble shoot bugs or problems that are in client's code and are not bugs within ReplicaNet the technical support assistance rate is USD100 per man hour. Blocks of technical support can be purchased in whole hours only and must be purchased before chargeable work is carried out. Before any chargeable work is carried out our engineers will agree with the client on a maximum amount of man hours for each bug.

Unused whole chargeable hours can be refunded by request at the end of each working month or kept on account ready for further chargeable technical support queries.

Support request
Please complete the form below to email our technical support department. Alternatively, you may email your technical request directly to

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