ReplicaNet and RNLobby  1


RNReplicaNet::ReplicaNet is a management class that enables different RNReplicaNet::ReplicaObject derived C++ classes to be created, destroyed and updated across a network of computers without having to worry about specific network programing knowledge.
To enable integration between the ReplicaNet system and the user classes a tool is used to create extra class definitions to be used in the project.
ReplicaNet uses an XPSession as the base network layer and expands upon it.

Using ReplicaNet

ReplicaNet include files are in the Includes directory. Use "RNReplicaNet/Inc/ReplicaNet.h" to access all of the C++ interface to the RNReplicaNet::ReplicaNet class.
RNReplicaNet::ReplicaNet is primarily a multi-threaded library as the session framework uses threads to reduce CPU load. Single-threading is supported by means of using a RNReplicaNet::ReplicaNet::Poll() call to ensure data is processed regularly.
To allow ReplicaNet to include debugging information, that can be used with the ReplicaNet Visual Debugger, use the preprocessor to define REPLICANET_VISUALDEBUGGER , however please note including this define adds extra debugging information as plain text that may not be wanted in final publicly released versions of applications.
Compile and link with ReplicaNetPublic/AmalgamatedReplicaNet.cpp
This source file is the amalgamated source for the ReplicaNet and RNLobby client APIs from Replica Software. Individual source files are available in the full SDK. Be sure to set a path to the Includes directory.
When not using ReplicaObject derived classes use the pre-processor define REPLICANET_NO_REPLICA_OBJECTS
When not using RNLobby components use the pre-processor define REPLICANET_REMOVE_RNLOBBY