New platform support for MinGW,
C# using SWIG,
Native Android and Apple using Xcode.

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Game Developer Front Line Awards
We are humbled that ReplicaNet has again been nominated as a finalist for the network middleware award.

Virtual Reality Chat
ReplicaNet powers cross platform virtual reality worlds.

Replica Software and Ideaworks Labs join forces
London, UK 20 April 2011 Replica Software, the developer of ReplicaNet and RNLobby network middleware, and Ideaworks Labs, developers of the Marmalade SDK, have announced a partnership to allow developers to expand access to online multiplayer games across multiple platforms.

3000AD Use ReplicaNet and RNLobby services
RNLobby is an integrated technology offering user account, chat services, friends lists and private messaging, NAT detection and punchtrough, game listing advertisement, persistent statistics tracking, license key verification and binary difference patching.

Joymax Co. Ltd. license ReplicaNet
Joymax Co. Ltd. is a game publisher and developer of MMORPG based in Korea.

Freeverse use ReplicaNet
Freeverse Inc use ReplicaNet for the Xbox 360 Live Arcade version of Marathon: Durandal.

DAS Inc Use ReplicaNet
DAS Inc use ReplicaNet for their training sumulation system called V.I.C.E.

ReplicaNet powers more entertainment
Eidos has released Urban Chaos: Riot Response for Playstation 2 and Xbox using ReplicaNet for online and LAN play. Reactor Interactive have adopted ReplicaNet to help create the multiplayer experience for Sector 13.

Softstar Entertainment Inc. license ReplicaNet
Softstar Entertainment Inc. is a game publisher and developer based in Taiwan with offices in Beijing and Taiwan.

Splintered Kingdoms MMO project
Splintered Kingdoms is a free MMO being developed by a team of engineers for their bachelors degree final project.